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D3O molecules

The extraordinary and intelligently designed materials of D3O is the ideal appearances for impact protection. D3O skatewear padding is lightweight which is convenient so you aren’t carrying extra weight while training, it’s strongly cushioned to keep you from any injuries and at any sudden impact. D3O’s Dual Composite Material combines two D3O-engineered material solutions to deliver superior comfort and influence safety

The superior performance of Se_Ku Pro-Tech Wear is a direct result of its exclusive use of D3O Impact Protection Technology. Superficially resembling foam rubber, the D3O Ice skate pads are soft and flexible in their natural state, but instantly rigid when struck by an outside force such as occurs when the wearer falls on ice.

D3O's Impact Protection technology comprises a unique patented energy-absorbing composite material developed through special chemical engineering of a proprietary polymer matrix. The resulting molecular structure of the composite material allows it to alter its behavior under different circumstances:

  1. At Rest: D3O molecules are loosely positioned, allowing the material to readily conform to virtually any shape and to be pliable and easily molded.
  2. On Sudden Impact: The energy of an impact is quickly dispersed throughout the material as the molecules instantly "lock" together to produce a highly efficient shock-absorption barrier that dramatically reduces impact transmission and its potentially harmful effect on any underlying area of the body.
  3. On Relaxation: As soon as the impact is over and the energy fully dissipated, the molecules return to their previous loose bonding-until the next time they are subjected to sudden force.

This dramatic and instantaneous transformation of physical properties only when that transformation is required has led some to describe D3O as having "Intelligent Molecules."

Ideal Impact Protection for Figure Skating
What makes D3O skatewear pads so remarkable is the way in which its intelligently designed material properties bring together the ideal characteristics for impact protection:
. Soft, pliable, and comfortable when at rest
. Rigid and shock-absorbing when subjected to sudden impact
. Then relaxing again immediately after impact

As a result, Pro-Tech Wear containing D3O padding, offers the best of both worlds - soft and comfortable against the body while skating normally, yet automatically providing instant armor-like protection only when needed-at the moment of sudden impact.

For more information, visit the D3O website.

Video Demos
Here are some impressive, and sometimes entertaining, video demonstrations of D30 padding in use.

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